APEX Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce the first Membership Plan that offers exclusive and comprehensive treatment coverage for Speech-Language, Cognitive, Communication, and Memory Disorders. Our philosophy is to exclude recycled, outdated or diluted treatments. We invite you to take advantage of the latest rehabilitation technologies.


All Treatments Are Applied According to Medicare Criteria & Regulations

The Membership Includes Home Treatments by TELEMEDICINE


What Sets This Membership Plan Apart


                 Multi-Faceted    Multi-Treatment Stage  Applications                  No Denials      No Limitations 


Why Choose our Membership Care Plan


With this plan you get the most out of your healthcare dollar. Here's how:

  • The Most Scientifically Advanced Treatment Protocols
  • Savings & Affordability, Choices & Flexibility
  • Comfort & Convenience: We provide home Telemedicine Rehabilitation
  • Post-Treatment Maintenance & Support program


“Add – On” Choices. A special feature unavailable anywhere else


With our plan you can chose “Add-On Packages” with little cost, which can be discontinued without affecting the plan. This way you avoid paying for redundant care.


You Are Guaranteed Instant Benefits


Choose the APEX Membership CARE Plan, and  you will immediately qualify for the best and most advanced coverage for all Neurogenic Speech-Language and Communication Disorders rehabilitation needs. The Plan is specifically designed to dramatically reduce costs.


                                     -Unlimited Treatments Stages

                                     -No Denials, No Exclusions, No Restrictions

                                     -Eliminates Transportation & Escort Cost

                                     -Unrestricted Diagnosis “Add-On”

                                     -Free Quarterly Evaluations

                                     -Eliminates Patient Disorientation, Stress & Fatigue

                                     -Relief to Patients, with impaired mobility & special needs

                                     -Bi-Lingual Treatment Protocols: English, Spanish



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