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March 20, 2017


Elizabeth Patterson

5 Cressier Court

Fairport,NY  14450


Apex Systems

Center for Communication Disorders

3601 Federal Highway

Miami, FL 33137


Attention:   Roy Sarfati

       Clinical Director


Dear Roy,


I am sending you this letter to let you know how grateful my family and I are for your dedication in treating my son. Your services have changed our lives.


In order to completely understand what a difference Apex has made in my son's life, I need to provide a brief background of what this journey of severe Autism and Apraxia has been like.  We have tried numerous treatments to help my son speak and had almost bought into the lie that he would never be verbal or communicate.  In fact, the school system offered a rehabilitation program that was obsolete, diluted and outdated. His speech therapy was reduced, inconsistent and ineffective. After receiving over eight years of treatment, he was never able to utter a word.


At the age of eleven, my son was non-verbal, aggressive and frustrated. He had no way to communicate his needs and wants.  I had just about accepted the fact he was never going to communicate verbally. When I first spoke with the medical team at Apex, I was given hope, and never promises. The team was compassionate and caring. They took the time to get to know my son medically, as well as his social background. They didn't sell me a program, but became personally vested in helping my son achieve the goal of becoming verbal and able to communicate.


Within three months of treatment, my son has gone from being almost completely non-verbal after eleven years of treatment in the schol system, to speaking in simple sentences with a growing vocabulary.  He told his father "Happy Birthday" for the first time in his life. His aggression and verbal tics have been greatly reduced. I witnessed a rehabilitation technology that I have not seen before.  The treatment sessions were provided by remote Telemedicine out of Miami, Florida (we live in the state of New York). The comfort and convenience of home service was a huge relief.


The Apex team has been with us every step of the way, going far above and beyond my son's speech and communication needs. My only regret is not starting the treatment with Apex Systems sooner. I would like to express my gratitude to the Apex team and especially to you, Roy, who personally treated my son.

I strongly recommend Apex Systems services.   With Sincere Gratitude



Elizabeth Patterson


"This by far is one of the most, if not the most effective stuttering treatments that I have encountered. The techniques that are presented in this treatment program have helped me out tremendously." H.S.

"Before I entered the program, I felt hopeless; I am very pleased to have a part of this speech therapy session. It has opened my doors to new opportunities." L.L.

"When I first came into your office, I had already been to two places before. I was really concerned about my daughter, 5 years old. I started the program and I saw my daughter's speech began to improve almost immediately. I saw a disappearance of the symptoms in five (5) weeks of therapy, working intensively for almost two hours everyday. It was all worth it!!!!!" S.O.

"I am writing this letter to extend to you my deepest gratitude for your services. Your professionalism, generosity, and dedicated interest in my success helped me to complete your rigorous program" 


"We cannot begin to express our gratitude for the personal and professional excellence with which CCD approached our son's stuttering. Since he was four years old no amount of speech therapy seem to provide him with a stuttering management system that worked and the urgency for finding an effective treatment had become more apparent when at the age of 15 he began a new life as a high school student. When we first came across this program, we thought CCD was just one of the many treatments we had tried before; yet, we chose it anyway, albeit skeptical, because we felt we had run out of options. After all, speech pathologists had so far provided inconsistent treatments, very little hope, and no support or follow up. However, things changed rather quickly after our first meeting with Roy. For the first time in many years we felt confident that it was going to work and that a new future without stuttering awaited our son. We had hope, bits of optimism, and of course, some relief in seeing our son progressing through the program. Not only are we impressed with the effectiveness of such innovative program but we are extremely touched by Roy's kindness, understanding, and dedication in ensuring our son's success during and after the program. We would recommend CCD to anyone what would ask us about help for stuttering. Our son has been given an opportunity to secure a brighter future and for that we are forever grateful."



ClinicalDirector                                                                                                                                                                  Center for Communication Disorders


I have no words to express my gratitude to Roy Sarfati who saved my son from having a permanent stutter that would have affected his whole life. Because of Roy's amazing dedication and specialty of understanding the neurological system he was able to cure my son from his stutter. I'm so grateful and would recommend anyone with any speech issue to use Roy And I'm sure they will be as happy as me and my family.


Thank you


Mar 20, 2015


APEX Systems

Center for Communication Disorder

Roy Sarfati

3601Federal Highway,3rd Floor

Miami, FL 33137



I suffered a stroke several years ago as a result I had a somewhat  serious speech disorder that overtime had forced me to withdraw from many social settings. Ihad decided that this year I would take steps to correct  this. Iarrived at APEX Systems for my evaluation and first met Roy Sarfati at the beginning if the New Year and I could barely contain my emotions; just speaking with him was a struggle.

After 8 weeks with him and I feel so much more confident. Roy Sarfati is exactly who I needed to push and encourage me when I really needed it.The APEX Systems program has changed my life for the better.


Thank You


March 2015



Junia 10 del 2015

Apex Systems,Inc.


A Quien Corresponda,


Par media de Ia presente,yo,Alba Martinez,madre del menor A.A., queria dejarles saber que el Patologo del Habla,Roy Sarfati,ha estado tratando a mi hijo, A.A., par cerca de 2 meses con terapias semanales del habla. Los servicios del senor Sarfati son excelentes y estan ayudando mucho ami hijo a poder superar sus deficits dei habla.





  A, M.



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