Our Telemedicine program offers unrestricted, versatile, and flexible access to cutting edge rehabilitative applications. The treatment protocols cover all acquired and/or congenital Speech-Language, Cognitive Dysfunctions, Memory Loss, and Communication Disorders. The treatments are Synchronous, Live In Real Time, Interactive, Audio, Visual format, based on the latest scientific research and field results. The applications are provided in accordance with Medicare and states criteria and requirements. The services are available in the USA and internationally, in English and Spanish







All treatment sessions are applied "In Real Time" provided by a team of fully insured, Board Certified, State Licensed specialists, holding Certification of Clinical Competence, in accordance with U.S. regulations, with the highest clinical credentials. 



                              CLINICAL SYSTEMS



                           •Motor Speech & Dysfluency Evaluation
                           •Respiratory Pattern Analysis
                           •Laryngeal Activity & Vocal Monitoring
                           •Voice Stability Analysis
                           •Auto-Corrective & Diagnostic System
                           •Articulatory Muscle Tension Detection
                           •Respiratory & Phonatory Coordination
                           •Performance Summary  Report
                           •Bi-lingual Protocols: English & Spanish
                           •Individualized Calibration System        
                           •Performance Tracking & Biofeedback
                           •Multi Directional Treatment Options      
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